ADHD Discussion

January 24, 2010

My older son was diagnosed as “hyperactive”, now known as ADHD, and since that time, I have looked for natural alternatives to drugs. He was on Dexedrine for 4 years, during which his growth was stunted, he didn’t eat much, didn’t go to sleep until late and, at the end, had a facial tic.
Since I am now in the health and wellness arena, I have seen wonderful nutritional programs and changes to nontoxic choices in home and personal care products that have changed lives.
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Let’s make 2010 the Best Yet!

January 1, 2010

January 1 – a day to think about the coming year and a day to reflect on what went well and what we might want to change.  It’s also a time to plan and create the coming year.

I received an awesome email I would like to share.  The majority was written by Gary Burke and the last paragraph by Angel Torres.  Both are outstanding leaders whose ideas are profound and inspiring.  I hope you enjoy them.

“Happy New Year AND Decade!

Today is the beginning of a new future!  2010………What do you want your
2010 to be like, personal and Shaklee wise?  Think about it!  I’m not
talking about a new year resolution, I’m talking about new goals…
targets….new thinking… growth…..achievement!

A very important question to ask yourself is: WHAT IF……..?

This kind of question will help you to think about possibilities….

Everything starts as an idea.  Only you can make a decision for you, your
family and your future. Give it some thought today as we start 2010.  It’s
going to be one heck-of-a-year!

In 1999 I took a notebook and wrote in the front cover the numbers 2000
through 2010 and inside I wrote everything I wanted to accomplish in the
next ten years. Over 90% were accomplished – the same could happen to you in
this new decade – but you must write it down. Do it now, do it today, ten
years from today you’ll be glad you did.
Have a great decade!”

Merry Christmas!! I hope your holiday was bright, cheery and fun!

December 25, 2009

It’s now PARTY TIME!!  Let’s get some more survival tips!

Need some Party Stamina?
No one believes how much energy I have compared to others 20 years younger!  I make sure to take:
a small protein drink,
my multi-vitamin/mineral,
ginseng and
a sports drink before I leave.
It does wonders for the energy and enjoyment of the evening!!

Eating Rich, Sugary foods?
Before going try this:
Drink 8 oz of water, add a good protein powder and 2 B-Complex (to minimize cravings and hunger)
In General:
Drink 8-10 glasses (8 oz.) of water each day to both minimize hunger and flush out the junk!
Eat a desert that has more than 100 calories?
Pop 1-2 B-complex;
End of an evening with high fat food:
Take vitamin C and vitamin E to counteract the “fat attack”;
Drink too much?
Take B-complex before bed and the next morning-
Helps prevent that “hung over” feeling
Tummy care
Try some digestive enzymes (I use EZ Gest)
Peppermint and Ginger tea and/or chewable calcium work great!

Have a great holiday week!!

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More Holiday Survival Tips

December 17, 2009

Hello again – I’m back with some more ideas on how to to survive the holidays.

Today I’ll talk about how to minimize those extra pounds when we are constantly being exposed to so many goodies.


1) Look at your schedule each day and plan how you will “eat and drink through the day.

2) During the day, when not partying, drink extra water.  Have a full glass of water before going to any party to fill you up ahead of time.

3) Use a high quality protein shake for breakfast to assure you will keep your blood sugar balanced for several hours.

4) Buy fresh fruits and veggies and keep them in your refridgerator so you can take some with you to work or have at home to nibble on and stop your eating extra snacks during the day of a party.

Planing is everything!!  Then go and enjoy your parties guilt free!

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Enjoy your weekend!

December 14, 2009

My first post!! Hello out there!
Since we are in the midst of the holiday season, I thought I would post some info on survival tips for the Holiday “Crazies”

Stressed to the max? Try these:
Breathe deeply 3 times; keep breathing slowly and say to yourself as you breathe in, “I am” and breathe out “Peace”
Take a complete and balanced B-complex – these are used up rapidly so you can use them as you need them. For a good one, go to
Minimize sugar – I know – but at least give it a shot when you are not at a party!
Add extra calcium and magnesium to help you sleep and relax.
My favorite – Stress Relief Complex – a unique blend of herbs that works in 10-30 minutes (yay!!) You can find this at

I’ll be back with ideas to keep the Pounds Down, keep your stamina, take care of your “tummy” and more.

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